Friday 28 August 2015

Grilla, Liverpool

Grilla is a Scandinavian / Mediterranean grill restaurant on Hardman Street. Having had some bad press recently with a zero hygiene score due to paperwork issues it was reopened with 5 stars. This didn't deter us and we wanted to take advantage of the Monday night deal of 30% of the signature Mix Grilla platter. The customer areas were clean and modern.
With the main event turning out to be monstrous I think we made the worst choice of starters possible in terms of size in garlic bread with cheese and grilled halloumi cheese!
'Mix Grilla' for 2 - variety of meats including lamb and pork on the spit and chicken, roast potatoes, yogurt lemon mint dip, chips and salad. There is certainly a lot of meat for your money, although with it being a Monday night it was quiet which led to the meat being quite dry as we suspect it had been cooking for a while and become tough to eat as it cooled down. The lamb chops were easily the standout of the meats. The tables are on the small side and the platter virtually takes up the whole table so that other dishes had to be perched on a side table.
After being defeated by the meat board we were presented with a small brownie dessert to finish, complimentary to every table as far as we could tell. Although the food didn't wow us, the grilled meats would be ideal with a little less cooking. With 30% off the Mix Grilla on Mondays our bill for two come to just under £30 which is good value for money for the quantity of food.

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