Wednesday 17 April 2013

Almost Famous, Manchester

So we have finally succumbed and decided to join the hordes of internet food bloggers in sharing our humble opinions to whoever may be interested.  By we, I mean the blog is a joint effort between the two of us.  In order to keep the mystique that’s all I shall reveal at this stage. 
The inspiration for the name of the blog was derived from our visit to Almost Famous so it is apt that this is the debut post.  After a half an hour wait in the cold we were summoned to climb the stairs to the second floor by the doorman.  At this point we were famished and looking forward to destroying the infamous delights that has caused frenzy among the burger loving scene.  If we had given in to the menu of Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn at the ground floor whilst patiently queuing and awaiting our turn then this blog may have never been as it took us an eternity to come up with the name.
We were shown to our table and quickly made up our minds on what to order.  A triple nom and almost famous burger with a portion of trailer trash fries between us.  The food was quick to arrive which was a relief as we had read that sometimes during busier periods that waits of up to an hour were not uncommon.
The main seating area consists of sofas and low tables in the middle and dotted with small tables and chairs around the sides.  We were seated near the corner where the lift was and were glad we weren’t sat at the actual table in front of the lift.  Later on the lift was required and the trio sat at the lift table were given a round of cocktails on the house for the inconvenience for having to move to allow access, maybe we should ask for that table in particular next time!  Anyhow turning back to the food, the Almost Famous burger which I ordered was simple, a well cooked moist patty with lettuce, tomato on a brioche bun.  This was a delight and as satisfying as a plain burger that I’ve had in a while.  By comparison the Triple Nom dwarfed the classic Almost Famous.  A burger with added pulled pork and copious amounts of sauce I was envious as mine did not quench my hunger.  It was at this point when I observed the Triple Nom being demolished that the name for the blog came to me….. a Nomface if I ever saw one!
The trailer trash fries was a mix of potato and sweet potato fires and were perfectly fried with the right amount of crunch.  However the huge amount of mustard that it was swimming in spoiled them a bit, although my fault for ordering them amongst the order variants on offer.  Also there ratio of potato to sweet potato fries could be more even as the sweet potato fries were a delight.  We have had sweet potato wedges before at Simple but they got sickly after a while, we couldn’t get enough of the fries by comparison.   There were numerous other burgers that we wanted to try but maybe in the summer when it isn’t as cold outside or unless if there’s no queue.  All in all about £20 for two, great value for the quality and one of the best burgers we’ve had in Manchester.
Assuming you’re still awake that concludes our first post and theres plenty more where that come from....

Almost Famous
100 High St
Greater Manchester
M4 1HP

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