Friday 31 May 2013

Guerrilla Eats, Manchester

We attended the Guerrilla Eats street food event on King Street Manchester. I did a little research beforehand to see what stalls would be there.  I remember seeing venison steak which I was looking forward to trying. We arrived about 4pm and noticed it only took up a small section of King Street but then again there were only a few exhibitors. The first stall we come across was Fire & Salt which sold slow cooked pork in a roll and next to it Dirty Dogs were selling a choice of a giant polish sausage with sauerkraut and cheese or a beef frankfurter with blue cheese slaw.

Next door was a smoothie store and in the centre was a tea and crumpets cart. Other stalls included pancake house, a cupcakes stall, an Indian street food stall, The Moocher grill, a stall selling Nando’s like chicken and a pizza van. I really wanted a venison steak burger from The Moochers but was disappointed to find out that it had already sold out. The other choice was pork belly but didn’t look too appetising as the few samples that we saw seemed severely burnt.
We opted for the Indian street food and selected the Massala Dosa at £6 which was a pancake filled with spiced potatoes, topped with a coconut sauce and some couscous like red sauce.  The pancake was really thin, thinner than a crepe and the potato filling was slightly spicy. I think the coconut sauce went well with the filling because it had a creamy coconut taste but I don’t really think the other sauce added anything to the dish.

We then decided to have a hot dog as nothing else took our fancy and joined the queue for Dirty Dogs. There was a rather long wait for the giant Polish hotdogs and it seemed like that was the favourite choice judging by the orders as it was double the size of the beef frankfurter but at the same price of £5. Despite the stall owner proclaiming “size doesn’t matter!” the bigger sausage won out.  Maybe we should have heeded his words as the polish sausage was nothing special.

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