Monday 16 June 2014

Maray, Liverpool

Maray is the latest opening at the top end of Bold Street, serving falafels, cocktails and small plates. The interior is dim and bare with a long communal table dominating the thin room creating a lively atmosphere. We headed to Maray for an early evening drink and snack, the prices are quite competitive with most of the menu ranging around £5 for a dish.

We had to try the signature falafel bites, this was served with three dips including green chilli, hummus and baba ganoush along with a stack of flatbreads and a token salad. The pick of the dips for me being the chilli. The falafels themselves were small bites which were deep fried, the chickpea filling was nice but they needed to be bigger to avoid being too crispy.

We also tried a few other dishes including slow cooked lamb with spinach and turmeric potatoes and an unusual risotto & Parmesan stuffed aubergine. The lamb didn't disappoint on the tender front and broke away under the lightest pressure and was complemented with a deep intense gravy. A good simple meat and two veg type of dish. The stuffed aubergine sounded exciting but only the aubergine skin remained after cooking which was a shame. The flavours of the Parmesan with the risotto worked well but the amount of tomato on the dish overpowered it all.

With our visit coinciding with World Gin Day we had to try a few gins and chose a Hendricks and Aviation with tonic. For a bar come eatery type of place, Maray is ideal for a quick bite and drink, adding yet another string to the bow of Bold Street.

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