Wednesday 4 June 2014

Sake No Hana, London

Mrs Nom loves flowers and cherry blossoms in particular.  When I showed her a preview of the Sakura cherry blossom inspired bar at Sake No Hana it was on the priority list in front of anything else. To coincide with the cherry blossom theme at the Mayfair based bar and restaurant a special Sakura menu was introduced which is no longer available.

Along a range of cherry based cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks and desserts was a crystal double layer bento box which caught our eye. This was perfect for an alternative to afternoon tea for a light snack in between the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street which I was being forced to endure given Mrs Nom’s love of shopping.

The bento box consisted of two layers. The first being a beautiful sushi and sashimi assortment including salmon avocado, spicy tuna and California rolls, salmon sashimi and my favourite chu-toro tuna sashimi. The second layer contained seven spice chicken kuwayaki and a spring salad with sesame dressing. The pick of the lot being the chu-toro and chicken.

We washed this down with cocktails for Mrs Nom and a cherry iced tea for me with marasca cherries, jasmine tea and lime. Sadly they had run out of the cherry macarons. As quick as the cherry blossom season arrived it is now gone again. The small taste of Sake No Hana has us interested in trying the full restaurant.

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