Saturday 25 January 2014

Dogs n Dough, Manchester

Feeling slightly peckish after some Christmas sales shopping with Mrs Nom, we fancied something fast and easy so decided on Dogs n Dough for a quick bite. We were the only ones in late afternoon on Boxing day.

Mrs Nom chose the ADB hotdog, or ‘All Day Breakfast' in long form. Along with a meaty frankfurter it came with bacon, baked beans, and a poached egg on top. It was a messy business, especially with the runny yolk and the beans falling out the toasted bun.

I settled on The New Yorker with pastrami, big fat gherkin, jalapenos and swiss cheese. It was certainly the easier to eat and I was glad I chose this and not the other way around. A horseradish mayo brought all of the flavours together.

We also ordered a portion of naked fries to go with the dogs. Unfortunately due to how quiet it was we imagine, the frankfurter hot dogs tasted like they had sat for a while and Mrs Nom found them a challenge to bite through, although they were satisfyingly beefy and meaty.

For a quick bite the dogs at Dogs n Dough are a reliable option. We also attended the launch night and tried the Hawaiian dog which we remember was awesome. With a lunchtime special of £4 a dog or pizza til the end of January its well worth checking out.

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