Friday 15 November 2013

Rosylee Tea Rooms, Manchester

I remember hearing good things about Rosylee Tearooms in the Northern Quarter but I had never looked into it until Mr Nom randomly suggested it.  I wish I knew about them earlier because it was such a relaxed place for a bite to eat on a chilled Sunday afternoon.

I started off the meal with a hot chocolate, not my usual choice of beverage but I needed warming up; it shocked Mr Nom and he went for his usual glass of wine.  We decided on the Sunday lunch menu, which was good value for money, with 2 courses for £15.95 and 3 courses for £18.95. 

For starters we had crispy goat’s cheese bonbons which were delightful balls of joy and it married well with the beetroot.  Minted lamb Ballantine was tasty with freshness coming from the strips of cucumber and the roasted tomatoes.  Like refined lamb koftas!

Mr Nom’s roast looked extremely delicious. I was envious of the perfectly cooked medium rare beef; all the trimmings were wonderful and the Yorkshire pudding looked very inviting. He kept asking me whether I wanted any to be polite but secretly he wanted it all for himself as shown by the speed he gobbled it up. 

Breaking from the norm I ordered the chicken dish from the main which I usually never do. Chicken breast with a rich mushroom sauce, buttered kale and crispy potatoes. It was so filling I had Mr Nom finish off the dish for me but it did not stop me from ordering dessert as the Zara rose crème brulee caught my eye from the beginning. 

I love rose so what a fantastic combination of them both to create a moreish dessert. The shortbread was a lovely addition to the brulee but I was so full by then to finish off a little biscuit. 

Mr Nom’s apple and rhubarb crumble was lovely and a classic dessert, it was dainty and I could smell the vanilla as he was pouring on lashings of the custard. Personally I didn’t think it needed the clotted cream on the side as the custard was more than adequate.

I would definitely return for more nibbles, cakes and cocktails. Although if you are hungry there is a slight wait between each course, but the wait is definitely worth it because each course delivered. A nice surprise for a spontaneous Sunday lunch.

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