Thursday 7 November 2013

The Living Room, Manchester

Whilst walking down Deansgate after an event, I popped into The Living Room for a drink or two with some friends. The live music is lovely creating a fantastic atmosphere; it has always been one of my preferred spots down Deansgate, and the cocktails are fabulous too.

As much as I like a good cocktail, I was getting peckish as beautiful aromas lingered from the table next to ours.  As I was scanning through the menu there were quite a number of dishes I wanted to order. When I feel hungry, I order more than my stomach can handle, but I tried hard to be selective. 

Roasted quail sounded delicious on the menu and it delivered. The sweetness from the molasses was well matched with the bird. I was unsure about watermelon and cheese, it seemed like an odd combination but I think it worked, well I enjoyed it anyway.

Originally I fancied both the seared tuna and the crab slider but unfortunately the tuna had sold out.  The crab slider had a touch of chilli; although a little more heat would have been welcomed alongside the avocado and crab. It must sound quite surprising for someone that does not really eat spicy foods but it needed the extra oomph!

I was debating on dessert but my dining partner was eyeing on the coconut ice cream so I ordered the hot chocolate fondant which came with the ice cream. I wanted something indulgent which the fondant delivered but the toasted coconut ice cream was the star for me, even though if it was probably bought in.

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