Saturday 24 May 2014

MEATmarket, London

The Meat Liquor burger brand has been on my London to do list for quite a while. I finally got the chance to visit MEATmarket, the covent garden branch a few weeks ago and as an added bonus it was their second birthday which meant half price food all day. Only for those who saw the tweet and wished them a happy birthday though, I nearly forgot and was sternly reminded by a colleague! Visiting straight from work in our suits was probably not the best idea as we watched the messiness of others devouring their burgers whilst we waited for our order. 

I opted for the Dead Hippie with beef patties, dead hippie sauce, lettuce, pickles and minced onion. As I unwrapped the burger the cheese was glistening and bun was sliding off both at the top and bottom, I thought about the impending dry cleaning bill for a split second before diving in. My first thoughts were that it was a nicer version of a Big Mac, especially the dead hippie sauce. The patties were cooked just short of medium and met the beefiness test which I like, there's nothing more disappointing than eating a beef patty which is bland. It was satisfying enough but I was expecting more given the hype.

My colleague chose the red chili cheeseburger with beef patties, cheese, beef chilli, onions, mustard and jalapenos, this was devoured with gusto and was met with a seal of approval.

We ordered sides of bingo wings in hot sauce with a blue cheese dip and chili cheese fries topped with a mountain of cheese an inch thick, beef chili, jalapenos. This was certainly a once in a while splurge given the amount of cheese and I soon hit the food wall.

The place was rammed during our visit, probably due to the half price offer, but queues are normal at the flagship Meat Liquor I am told. For fast food this is as sinful and convenient as it gets.

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