Saturday 19 July 2014

MASH, London

Over the last few years I have walked past MASH on Brewer Street in Soho hundreds of times without knowing what it was or what they served. It was only when I saw a retweet of an offer for half price steaks in celebration of the Danish parent restaurant in Copenhagen turning five. From the outside the corner site is unassuming, however on entering the Apple computers and clean and modern reception suggests that some serious money was spent on the decor. As we were lead downstairs to the dining room we were shocked at the size and spacious grand interior. The ceiling is very high with a stunning bar area. A paradise within the hustle and bustle of Soho.

Looking over the menu beforehand the Danish American steakhouse offers a variety of dry aged Danish, Uruguayan, American and Australian cuts of beef. The latter being two different grades of wagyu with ambitious prices for 200g servings. The steak that caught our eye was the 1.3kg American Omaha porterhouse, a t-bone cut from the short loin with tenderloin and strip steak either side. This was ample for the two of us to share and we asked for it medium rare and a monster grilled two inch thick slab of meat was presented to us whole at the table before being carved tableside. it was certainly the biggest steak we have tried to date.

The tenderloin was perfectly juicy and tender, simply a very good steak that cut like butter. The strip steak being on the smaller side of the bone was more medium than medium rare was equally juicy but offered a greater depth of flavour, owing to being more cooked. We ordered sides of chips, the house mash with bacon and sauteed mushrooms along with a pepper sauce. The star of the show however was obviously the porterhouse, we don't often go out for steaks but this was worth it.

Whilst being a very enjoyable steak the place is at the higher price range, the porterhouse usually sells for £95 so to try it for half price was a bargain. I guess the extravagant interior and location don't come cheap and have to be paid for, book a table this July whilst the offer is still on and make the most of it.

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