Wednesday 28 August 2013

Pieminister, Manchester

There are a lot of choices for lunch around my workplace in the Northern Quarter, but I get so busy and generally just grab a sandwich and work and munch at the same time. A bad habit that I am trying to break and focus on enjoying lunch in the future.

Feeling rather more peckish than usual, I wanted a little treat, something different from sandwiches.  I decided on Pieminister since it is literally about 2 minutes’ walk from work. Once inside I chose the Pietantic Fish Pie which consisted of smoked haddock, salmon, pollock and prawns with a side order of mash. As the pie was presented to me without any sauce I was worried that it would be too dry, and I didn’t fancy gravy with my fish pie. I don’t usually go for pies, but this was actually the best pie I have ever had. It was not dry as the filling was moreish, with just enough sauce so the pie wasn’t swimming in sauce, and enough bite in the chunks of fish. The pastry was perfect too, freshly made and not too thick, just how I like my pies from now on.

Mr Nom was jealous he wasn’t invited however I will definitely be returning with him soon as he is dying to dive into one or more pies with his huge appetite nowadays!

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