Wednesday 4 September 2013

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, Didsbury

I always crave a slice or two of cake! I find it hard to cut cakes out of my diet; I would rather look at the dessert menu first before I glance at the main menu. When Mr Nom told me he was taking me to “And the dish ran away with the spoon” I was super excited!  A little gem of a cafe situated on Burton Road in Didsbury.

Luckily we found a table by the window as we sat down the cafe was brimming with new customers who had to wait for a free table.  I was overwhelmed by the drinks and cakes on offer, this was cake heaven! The beverage list was also large and interesting, I love selecting drinks just as much as I like food.

Mr Nom wanted to share the Nutty professor iced mocha, but I decided I wanted the banoffee iced latte.  We would feel sick together I guess! Mr Nom told me to pick the cakes as he eats anything. I went to order but I kept running back to ask whether I should get the Special (Cherry Almond cake) or the Blueberry Surprise cake. I was just like a kid in a sweet shop! After a few minutes I settled for the Rose & Pistachio cake, no surprises there since I love pistachio and I’m a huge fan of rose as well.

The Nutty professor iced mocha was made using hazelnut syrup and double chocolate ice cream.  The drinks were rather light actually, not thick so they were easy to drink.

The cakes hit the spot too; looking at the photo now makes my mouth water.  The rose and pistachio cake was light and moist, and most importantly, not too sweet, just how I like my cakes. The blueberry surprise cake was equally as scrumptious.

I was rather tempted to purchase more cakes to take home; I had my eye on the salted caramel brownie as they kept staring at me. However I refrained myself, we will just have to come back and try the rest of the menu. If you are a cake lover like me, you definitely need to visit here.  Slightly out of the way from the City Centre but it’s worth it and as a bonus, the cake and drinks are extremely affordable.

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