Thursday 12 September 2013

Oast House, Manchester

A recent experience of attempting to dine out on a Saturday night without a reservation would teach me not to do it again.  We wondered around for what seems like an eternity on empty stomachs put off by the waits of at least an hour at most decent places.  Eventually we settled on Oast House, as there were tables free outside and we couldn't wait any longer.

Not having had a kebab for a while I was looking forward to it although it wasn't a conventional kebab.  Served hanging and the fries at the bottom with garlic butter on the top, which was allowed to drizzle over the meat and coat the fries, this looked good when it arrived.  By this point we were ravenous.  We ordered both a chicken and a beef hanging kebab.  The meat was well grilled and surprising juicy and not overdone.  The garlic butter on the chips was indulgent and we couldn't get enough of them.

We also ordered an Italian deli board consisting of Parma ham, Pastrami, roast peppers, olives and Oast-dried tomatoes.  It was meat overload and if we weren't so famished then we probably wouldn't have had it on top of the kebabs.  Overall the Oast house offers a relaxing outside environment with seating inside, a great place to chill and line the stomach on a night out.

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