Thursday 17 October 2013

Janetira, London

Janetira is an authentic Thai restaurant located on Brewer Street in Soho. We visited for dinner and ordered a variety of plates to share between 3 people.  The menu consisted of one dish meals or dishes to share.

First up was JFC (Janetira Fried Chicken) – this was fragrant with lemongrass.

Lamb shank Massaman curry was not that flavoursome as other Massaman curries I have tried elsewhere but Mr Nom loved the meaty lamb shank, although it could of done with a little more cooking to be more tender.

Prawn Pad Thai is a classic Thai dish; this was delightful although I would have preferred it to be served with lime instead of lemon.

Sea bass fillets steamed with chilli and lime was packed with garlic, I was kind of expecting it to be a bit more limey from the menu description but I could not really taste the lime. I also presumed the fish would be steamed with fresh chillies but chilli sauce was poured into of the sea bass fillets instead which was a bit disappointing as the flavour was not infused into the fish during cooking.

Crispy pork belly and Thai broccoli stir fry, the Thai broccoli was rather bitter. I normally like this type of crunchy broccoli but found it quite unpleasant to eat. On the plus side, the pork belly was lovely.

During the period of our visit the restaurant was offering 30% off food which made it extremely good value for money given that the menu prices were already quite reasonable given its location.  A mixed bag but would return for a quick lunch to try the one dish meals given the chance.

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