Wednesday 30 October 2013

William Curley, London

After coming across the wonderful creations by William Curley, a highly decorated luxury patissier & chocolatier based in London, I was extremely looking forward to trying the beautiful cakes. We already planned what cakes we wanted, earl grey, milk chocolate and coconut entremets and the rose, raspberry and lychee dome. 

Sadly we got to the Belgravia branch around 4pm after a trip to nearby Medlar and most of the cakes had sold out. I was devastated but ordered the yuzu and praline tart. The stunning creation with a vanilla yuzu bavaroise was nice with a slight hint of citrus. The praline was a tad too sweet but it was gooey and heavenly with the hazelnut and almond pastry.  

After one cake I wanted something more, although there were many tantalising chocolates displayed, but I did not feel like eating anymore chocolate. The ice cream selection was exciting and with different from the norm flavours which were enticing such as jasmine and miso & white chocolate. I chose the jasmine flavour, the ice cream or shall I say sorbet since it was quite icy was lovely; the jasmine was refreshing and so pure that the taste was lingering in my mouth for ages, a good palate cleanser after the sweet tart.

I hope to get there earlier next time or to visit Harrods to sample the other William Curley cakes I originally wanted. That will be the near the top of the agenda during the next London trip!

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