Tuesday 29 October 2013

Mughli, Manchester

We don’t often try Indian/Pakistani cuisine; this post is the first of its kind on the blog following a visit to Mughli on Wilmslow Road, Manchester.  One of the reasons being that Mrs Nom and hot food do not mix well, we broke the trend however following glowing reviews and the introduction of an interesting menu with smaller plates showcasing Indian/Pakistani street food.

Anticipating the heat from the food we ordered a jug of mango lassi rich in yoghurt along with refreshing watermelon lemonade to help cool Mrs Noms taste buds when the going would inevitably get too tough for her.  The drinks menu has a large range of cocktails and mocktails on offer. 

Like a kid in a sweetshop we ended up ordering too many smaller dishes as starters including Pani Puri, beautiful parcels filled with chickpea and potato chaat topped with sweet yoghurt, red onions and pomegranate seeds. These were light and fresh helping to cool down the fiery sensations from the other dishes. Gunpowder chips, chilli sweet potato fries which packed a punch. The tamarind masala fish, chunks of masala battered haddock in a chilli tamarind & lime dressing had the biggest kick of the all the dishes and we were thankful for the mango lassi.

Halloumi menander, battered and fried spicy cheese pieces were a joy.  The Kati roll, generous amounts of smokey tandoori chicken pieces with spinach and red onions in a wrap.  It was so packed with chicken that we felt full after the starters and were dreading the rest of the meal. We skipped the charcoal pit section of the menu, but made a mental note as a must order next time after seeing the mixed grill arrive on the next table.

We chose two curries and a garlic naan, we were relieved to see reasonable potions of deboned lamb shank nihari and butter chicken with a couple slices of naan.  We were worried incase a large manhole cover sized piece of bread appeared as we had experienced at Akbars.  The nihari was filled with big chunky pieces of tender lamb which finished me off, the spices were subtle with the bone marrow juices showcasing the lamb. The fragrant butter chicken was a rich creamy dish and we struggled to make a dent in this and ended up having it boxed up to take away.

Mughli is far from the old school curry houses of the past, refreshing it’s offering moving with the times by bringing in delicious street food into a restaurant setting along with the classic curry dishes.

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