Sunday 6 October 2013

Yuzu, Manchester

Much has been written about the Japanese restaurant in Manchester China Town. Mr Nom and I wanted to see what it was all the fuss was about so we decided to pay them a visit one evening. It is a small restaurant; quite minimalistic inside with wooden furniture and sake bottles as decoration but enough to give Yuzu character.

We ordered a selection of starters and shared a larger rice bowl since we were still full from an earlier meal.  Chicken Kara-age was deep fried chicken thighs served with Ponzu sauce. At first glance the chicken looked rather dry but to our surprise inside the chicken was juicy and succulent

Prawn gyoza were delightful, in other Japanese restaurants, dumplings with prawn fillings is rare and these were tasty.

The agedashi tofu was silky and smooth in a lovely light broth.

The daikon and wakame salad was simple and refreshing.

We also ordered the organic salmon don, salmon sashimi served on a bed of daikon and rice. This was fresh and light.  We are huge fans of sushi but didn't miss it with all the dishes on offer, in fact Yuzu do not serve sushi as they do have a trained sushi master in the kitchen to do so as stated on their website.  What they offer instead is simple but delicious Japanese home style food which is fulfilling and satisfying.

A few days after the meal we won a Twitter comp for a free lunch for identifying a passage from a piece of Shakespeare that Yuzu were reading at the time.  Using this opportunity I went back to sample the rest of the menu.  The chicken yakitori wasrather burnt, but it was just the chicken skin that burnt so we discarded it and still dug into it.

The Ebi katsu was rather standard to other places where I have had it. 

The udon noodles for my pork yaki udon were rather soft for my liking. I would prefer them cooked a little less so there would be more bite.

We also ordered the special of the day which was whole grilled seabream. The seabream was lovely, as I don’t usually eat fish skin I actually could not stop nibbling on it because it was so tasty. 

Overall, Yuzu offers simple, fresh food close to its Japanese roots.

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