Monday 8 July 2013

Camp and Furnace, Liverpool

One day I noticed a tweet from Camp and Furnace promoting their pop up social restaurant night.  Opening up the menu with intrigue the sharing small plates nature of the dishes caught my interest.  Having previously been impressed with visits for breakfast and lunch with Mr Nom we made a booking right away.
Having made up our minds on what we wanted to order in advance our choices included the langoustines with garlic and parsley which were cooked and seasoned well.  They were quite fiddly but as was expected and Mr Nom was sucking the meat, juices and innards out of the langoustine heads, legs and other parts of the body!

BBQ Pork ballotine with sweetcorn fritter which was quite big.  I was glad I was sharing the fritter with Mr Nom or else I do not think I would have finished it. It was different seeing sweetcorn fritters on the menu so I was looking forward to it just as much as the pork. The pork was yummy and melted in the mouth.  We noticed that the other diners included other couples, larger parties and even a hen party, but most tended to have each dish to themselves rather than sharing as was the theme of the night.

Quail with bulgar wheat and roasted lemon.  The quail came deboned apart from the legs and was well cooked and the bulgar wheat reminded us of cous cous.  Duck breast with crispy duck skin and cucumber in a soy broth. I am a huge fan of duck so this was a dish I was looking forward to. The dish kind of reminded me of duck with pancakes at a Chinese restaurant.  The soy broth was light so the duck did not soak up much of the soy flavouring.

Sea bass with feta chilli and mint. I was worried about this dish because chilli and me don’t agree with one another. However I was pleasantly surprised to see the chillis deseeded so the dish was perfect for me. A light dish perfect for the hot weather, the feta accompaniment was lovely.

After chomping our way through the first five plates we were still peckish so ordered the slow braised lamb with mint aioli. The amount of tender shredded lamb was quite a lot compared to the size of the previous dishes and we were happy that we had it before the others.

There were a small number of Bourbon based cocktails and I ordered the Georgia Peach which contained Bourbon, peach puree, mint and sugar. To my surprise it arrived in a tin can.  Now that is something I do not see every day!  It certainly packed a punch but near the bottom of the drink I could taste a slightly unpleasant tin taste.

For dessert we decided to share the builder’s tea crème brulee with a chocolate hob nob.  Mr Nom predicted that this would arrive in a mug as he had noticed bread being served in mugs for other tables.  But he was wrong as it came on a wooden board.  The tea flavour of the brulee was spot on and Mr Nom was enjoying scooping it with bits of the hob nob.  Had it not been for the lamb I probably would have ordered another one!

The night was a great dining experience, the atmosphere and service was relaxed and with the main dishes being £6 a plate and desserts £4, it was tremendous value.

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