Wednesday 24 July 2013

Italian Club Fish, Liverpool

Mrs Nom was having one of her cravings for oysters again so we decided to call the trusty Italian Club Fish to enquire if they had any left on a busy day in Liverpool City Centre with Brazilica and Pirate Ships being the main attractions.  They did and so we made our way.  Having visited a number of times before the seafood is some of the best that Liverpool has to offer in our opinion.

We decided to order a selection of dishes to share rather than the usual starters and mains.  The oysters as usual were slippery blobs of goodness washed down with shallot vinegar and the natural juices.  The specials included another of our favourites, razor clams which were cooked with chilli so we had to choose that along with sauté di Maurizio, a sauté of clams, mussels, cockles, white fish, parleys, cherry tomatoes & toasted ciabatta.  We supplemented this with a pasta dish, Fettuccine Italian Club Fish, homemade egg fettuccine with salmon, porcini mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, white wine & a dash of cream. 

The razor clams were extremely well cooked and were meaty yet not tough which showed skill.  The accompaniments were basic with some token rocket but the razor clams didn’t need it and spoke for themselves.  Next time when we call up it will be enquiring for both oysters and the razor clams!  The fettuccine was just the right consistency and made a mockery of the Tesco version I had a few days previously.  It’s hard to go wrong with the sauté and we soon polished it off, although the toasted ciabatta was a bit tough to bite into.  Mrs Nom noticed Irn Bru on the drinks menu and it seemed fitting to have this reminding us of our childhood days.

The group of restaurants also includes the Italian Club and Italian Club Pizza, the only one we need to visit to achieve the trifecta being the Italian Club.  Although we are always swayed towards Club Fish, due to our taste for seafood.  The arancini from Club Pizza is worth the visit alone, a mammoth ball of deep fired risotto, we had this with a pulled pork pizza which was unusual and benefited from the wood fired oven.

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