Tuesday 16 July 2013

Solita (revisited), Manchester

I noted on Twitter that last weekend would be the end of the Tony Soprano burger so it prompted me into action to make an effort to try it before it was too late.  Making a concerted effort to try as many things from the new menu as possible we also ordered the DIY tuna tartare and Maryland crab cakes.  

On all three of our visits we have ordered different things, a review of our prior two visits can be found here. Not being massive eaters we shared the three dishes, also with it being so hot our appetites are not as big as usual.  The crab cakes were filled with succulent crab meat and you could smell it as well as taste it.  A far cry from the usual disappointment of more potato filling than the main advertised ingredient.


The DIY tuna tartare was unique with its presentation of the condiments and salad being separate, leaving diner to add to taste.  We chucked everything in apart from the dressing and salt and pepper which we added a little by little until enough for our tastes.  A great little light summer dish which is also fun and interactive.  Shame we missed out on the steak version.

The Tony Soprano burger hit the right notes for me with zucchini fries, deep fried mortadella ham and marinara sauce.  Mrs Nom felt the zucchini was a bit bitter whilst I felt a little more sauce was required against the deep fried elements.  Never the less the patty was cooked nicely and juicy as is the norm with Solita burgers and demolished in no time.  We contemplated getting the Murray burger as well but have since found out it will continue until this weekend which gives us another excuse to return.

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