Friday 22 August 2014

Mei Mei, Liverpool

For a dim sum lunch in Liverpool there are only really two restaurants I would consider, Mei Mei on Berry Street by the bombed out church (St Lukes for the out of towners) and Tai Pan further out from the centre on Great Howard Street.

The beauty of dim sum is that it is a sharing affair and is best enjoyed in large groups which allows for more dishes to be ordered. Portions of dumplings usually come with four pieces, although more upscale Chinese restaurants may serve in portions of three or even allow you to order each piece individually as in the case of A Wong.

Siu mai – prawn and pork dumplings

Har gau – prawn dumplings in a translucent case

Shanghai dumplings, not on the level of those I've tried at Din Tai Fung in Hong Kong but decent

Whelks in satay sauce - a childhood favourite

Churn fan – silky smooth rice rolls which come in a range of fillings, fried dough, char siu and beef are generally our picks

Fried churn fun and turnip cakes coated in XO sauce (made with dried scallops)

Blackbean and chilli steam spare ribs

Chicken feet, braised and steamed with blackbean and chilli

Bean curd wraps – filled with pork and spring onion, deep fried beancurd spring rolls and yee mein noodles with mushroom

Deep fried cuttlefish cakes and mixed roast meat ho fun

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