Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Wong, London

For innovative accessible Chinese food A Wong is in my view one of the leaders in the country. Since trying the mindblowingly good Peking duck feast last year I was intrigued with the dim sum and regular dinner menu and it was only until recently that I could return to sample both. The attractive aspect of the dim sum menu is being able to order per individual piece rather than a portion, ideal for lone diners and couples; it may mean it costs more but the quality more than makes up for it.

During a leisurely lunch we tried the following starting with Shanghai steamed dumplings with ginger infused vinegar.

Pork and prawn dumpling, pork crackling, the restaurants take on the classic siu mai.

Clear shrimp dumpling, sweet chilli sauce, citrus foam – har gau, my all time favourite dim sum.  

Quail egg croquette puff

Baked roasted pork buns with a sugared coating

Sesame buttered smoked chicken

Yunnan mushroom, pork and truffle dumpling

Crab, seafood and beancurd cannelloni, pickled cockles – packed with crab with a nice crunch the fried beancurd adding texture.

Foie gras sticky sesame dumpling

Scallop puff with XO sauce

Deep fried prawn ball with abalone and chilli vinaigrette

63 degree ‘tea egg’ with shredded filo – mopping up the oozing yolk with the shredded filo was addictive. 

Smoked duck and jellyfish and pork crackling salad

A week before my dim sum visit I returned for the dinner menu. The dishes we tried were all based on classic Chinese dishes but with Chef Andrew Wongs own twist. They had a homely flavour feel yet retained the restaurant grace in terms of presentation.

Sweet and sour rib with toasted sesame

Dry braised salt and pepper tiger prawn

Crispy duck: Mrs. Chow’s  pancakes and plum sauce

Dong Po slow braised Blythburgh pork belly

Dry fried French beans with minced pork

Scotch beef rump with salsify, preserved plum powder and oyster sauce

Chef Cheng’s prawn stuffed chicken wings with black bean sauce

Crispy chilli, caramelised beef, pickled carrots

Razor clam with braised sea cucumber, pickled cucumber, wind dried sausage

Theres something very comforting about mopping up white rice infused with the sauce from the dishes above. In short, A Wong is a must try.

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