Tuesday 5 August 2014

Sasuke Ramen, London

It’s always good to walk into a ramen joint to find the majority of the customers are Japanese, the birthplace of ramen. Tucked down Great Windmill Street in Soho, I spotted a lunchtime deal of any ramen and a side for an additional £1.50 so I dragged a colleague along. Sasuke is a small ramen joint with benches and a couple of small tables, ideal for a quick fix.

Quickly scanning through the menu I settled on a miso broth ramen and a side of chicken karage which arrived first. The batter was perfectly crispy and devoid of any trace of oil with the chicken meat still moist, with four large pieces on a skewer it was my chicken karage of the year so far. My colleague had gyoza which was average with too little stuffing for my liking.

The miso ramen was topped with big pieces of chashu pork with enticing pork rind surrounding it. The ramen reminded me of egg noodles in colour and was thicker than any other ramen I have tried before. It was cooked gently and remained firm and bouncy. The miso broth was a little too salty as and next time I would probably stick to a tonkotsu based broth.  If only I could get lunch like this in Liverpool but then again eating too much ramen and chicken karage surely would not be a good thing!

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