Saturday 7 December 2013

Berners Tavern, London

Berners Tavern is one of Jason Athertons latest ventures.  Set in the London Edition hotel on Berners Street off Oxford Street it boasts one of the most eye catching dining rooms that I have ever dined in.

During my breakfast visit I settled for Eggs Royale and a clean looking plate was presented. The portion was rather large to my surprise.  The egg yolk was runny and oozed out when I cut through the egg.  A classic dish with hollandaise and smoked salmon which was executed very well.

I was dreading the waffle with caramelised banana that I ordered to follow the eggs and asked for ten minutes before it was served.  To my dismay the waffle was not uniformly cooked and slightly too brown on one side.  However the caramelised bananas were a revelation.  By this point I was too full and left half the waffle.

The service was efficient and I was seated in the corner which resulted in me being to enjoy the splendor of the whole room which was a bonus.  A very enjoyable breakfast for the eggs and banana alone has left me intrigued with the dinner menu.  At a shade under £20 for the breakfast including tea and service it also provides reasonable value for money.

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