Monday 30 December 2013

Almost Famous Great Northern, Manchester

Our first ever blog post was on the original Northern Quarter Almost Famous.  Infact it even provided the inspiration for the blog title as I watched Mrs Nom destroying her Triple Nom burger. Since the original site burnt down the franchise has expanded into Liverpool and are back with a much larger site in the Great Northern by All Star Lanes and Lucha Libre.

With queues the norm at the old smaller site, we didn't have to wait at the new larger restaurant. However first impressions were that the cult vibe had been somewhat diluted with the glitzy neon lights, large posters and just general modern chicness completely the opposite of its more humble beginnings. However we would let the food make up our minds.

After an lengthy wait of around half an hour our food arrived. We opted for burgers we had never seen before, the butter blood and bleu burger - a double Cheeseburger, rare flatiron steak, chorizo, chillies, peppercorn sauce, mustard mayo and bleu cheese sauce and a 
Baddaboom - a double cheeseburger, garlic butter brioche, bacon, chorizo, onions, marinara, famous sauce, parmesan and chilli. Both certainly looked the part, downright messy burgers, an Almost Famous trademark.

The burgers hit the spot and if anything the flat iron meat pieces were too chewy to bite through when trying to eat the butter blood & bleu burger. We ordered the classic bacon bacon fries and the new pig n waffle fries as sides. The waffle fries were interesting and topped with pulled pork different to the usual fries.

To help wash down the filling food we had the boozy milkshake which was the Ron Burgundy for that week, filled to the brim with scotch and a bitch juice cocktail. With a large bar area it is a good place for after work drinks and a quick feed. A welcome return to the Manchester dining scene.

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