Tuesday 31 December 2013

Sketch - Afternoon Tea, London

I remember seeing the beautiful photos of the afternoon tea at Sketch and begged Mr Nom to take me. On the morning of the reservation I was super excited! I did not eat any breakfast and was ready for my treat at Sketch. Full of smiles stepping into Sketch I was led into the Glade room and I could not believe how pretty it was. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, the walls were painted like a forest with mirrors around the corners of the room and red lasers flashing.

There was an array of beverages to choose from and we both decided to select teas, Mr Nom and I both had our eye on the Vanilla tea but he chose the Chai tea instead so we could both try more of the wonderful teas on offer. The Vanilla tea was lovely! I don’t normally drink a lot of tea apart from my green tea at home but I think I would be drinking vanilla tea from now on.

The afternoon tea set was utterly beautiful, the wonderful colours and the impressive selection of cakes and sandwiches, combined with the surroundings made the experience magical. The scones were brought up to us separately, lovingly wrapped up to keep them warm. We smothered them in lashings of cream and tried both the blackberry and strawberry jam. I think I prefer the strawberry jam out of the both.

The assortment of lovely sandwiches included smoked salmon and jacob’s cream. A rapped up warm croque monsieur, this was delicious with the mozzarella and pesto filling. It was a lovely touch to get a warm sandwich which I haven’t experienced before with afternoon teas in the past. Cucumber, ricotta and asparagus sandwich was lovely, I like a bit of crunch in sandwiches. I was expecting the asparagus to be bland was I was pleasantly surprised when it was seasoned well. The egg sandwich was certainly not your average egg mayonnaise sandwich as this one had the added extras with the quail’s egg and caviar.

The last of the afternoon tea were the gorgeous array of cakes, pistachio macaroons were a treat, I love macaroons and pistachio is a one of my favourites. Almond and berry tartlets. Coffee eclair, creamy and indulgent. The strawberry cheesecake was presented in the mini pots. Raspberry meringue was rather sickly for me. Last but not least, the bubblegum marshmallows were a treat, I felt like a kid nibbling on them all since Mr Nom was super full by then.

Sketch is a wonderful place for afternoon tea; the food was stunning in its creation and matches beautifully with the d├ęcor. The toilets were a talking point as well, the unusual pods for each cubicle was certainly an eye opener, like something out of a futuristic film!

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